Prevalence of Neck Pain related to working hours among Bankers: A cross-sectional Study

Neck Pain among Bankers


  • Muhammad Umer Arshad Senior Clinical Physiotherapist, AVICENA Medical Collage, Lahore
  • wajeeha Zia Riphah international university
  • Ghazal Jamshaid University of South Asia, Cantt campus Lahore.
  • Bakhtawar Khan House officer, Johar Institute of professional studies, Lahore
  • Jawad ul Hassan University of Health Sciences, Lahore
  • Azhar Akram House officer, Hamid Latif hospital, Lahore



Bankers,Musculoskeletal disorder, Neck pain, Prevalence, Work related factors


Work-related neck pain is demonstrated as neck pain that is produced or provoked by labor or the working atmosphere. It is one of the most common complaints especially among workers who use computer extensively at their workplace. Office work demands long time in front of computer screens and if there is lack of ergonomic use, lack of awareness of proper body positioning and the positioning of the desk, keyboard, and screen all lead to pain neck. Objective: The objective of this study was to find the frequency of neck pain due to necktie among bankers. Methods: It was a cross sectional study. Data was taken from 277 participants through Neck disability index questionnaire through convenient sampling technique from all the male workers of banks who were wearing tie on regular basis. Data was presented as bar charts and pie charts by using Statistical Package for social sciences version 25. Results: About 184 (66.4%) were having pain in neck in past 6 months. About half of those who were suffering from pain have moderate pain 145 (86.8%), 14 (8.3) have mild pain and 8 (4.7%) were having severe pain in neck. Conclusion:It is concluded that about 66.4% bankers were having pain and majority of bankers have moderate level neck pain due to prolong working hours.


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DOI: 10.54393/pbmj.v4i2.119
Published: 2021-12-27

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Arshad, M. U. ., Zia, wajeeha, Jamshaid , G. ., Khan, B., Hassan, J. ul ., & Akram, A. (2021). Prevalence of Neck Pain related to working hours among Bankers: A cross-sectional Study: Neck Pain among Bankers. Pakistan BioMedical Journal, 4(2), 229–232.



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