Mental Health Disorders and Challenges faced by developing countries


  • Editor Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, The University of Lahore



Mental disorders are common and contribute to the highest burden of disease across the globe.
Depression and anxiety has become the most frequent disorder in these times. However, it is not
considered a disease mostly and there are no proper policies and treatment all over the world but the
developing countries are affected the most. Mental health care services are lacking and inaccessible to
most of the patients worldwide. Apart from this fact, the stigma associated with this ailment is a major
hindrance in the way of treatment. Lack of human resource and their proper training is also lacking. There
is a dire need to enhance research capacity to actually estimate the burden and magnitude of the problem,
preparing a policy and above all, its implementation to bring a change in the treatment of mental health
problems. Low and middle income countries are suffering the most due to these disorders and ironically
it is not considered a disease there
Mostly, the uneducated people attribute such mental health issues to supernatural phenomenon
such as ghosts or magic etc. Additionally, for the treatment of these so-called “supernatural phenomenon”
and to get rid of ghosts, they tend to go to “peers” or “baba” who are illiterate people, pretending to have
cure for these patients. But infact, such malpractices and misconceptions among masses lead to a
disastrous situation. It causes worsening of the condition of patient by not getting the proper medical and
psychiatric treatment, secondly, they are caught up by wrong people who extort huge amount of money.
These are the challenges that developing countries are facing for the treatment of mental health issues.
Evidence-based interventions and practice by trained personals in community and primary health care
facilities can improve the understanding and treatment of these ailments. Exercise, healthy life style,
healthy dietary+ patterns and physical activities may also work wonders in these conditions.





DOI: 10.52229/pbmj.v3i2.9
Published: 2020-12-31

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