Comparison of Effectiveness of Movement with Mobilization and Muscle Energy Technique in reducing Pain and improving Functional Status in patients with Frozen Shoulder

Technique Effectiveness in Patients with Frozen Shoulder


  • Noman Ghaffar Awan Central Park Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Faizan ur Rehman Department of Physiotherapy Superior University Lahore, Pakistan
  • . Asma The University of Faisalabad, Faisalabad Pakistan
  • Hamza Bilal Margalla Hospital Taxilla Cantt
  • Hanan Azfar Bhatti Hospital Gujranwala, Pakistan
  • Rimsha Arif Attock Hospital Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • Hafiz Rana Muhammad Arslan Department of Allied Health Sciences University of South Asia Cantt Campus Lahore, Pakistan



Adhesive Capsulitis, Movement with Mobilization, Muscle Energy Technique


Adhesive capsulitis, “popularly is a condition with an unclear etiology known as Frozen Shoulder (FS)". This disorder limits the range of motion of the shoulder joint. Objective: To compare the effectiveness of movement with mobilization and muscle energy technique (METs) in reducing pain and improving functional status in patients with frozen shoulder Methods: Study was conducted at Department of Physiotherapy, Mayo Hospital Lahore after obtaining the consent from 36 patients. Patients were divided into Two groups. For two weeks, Group 1 received Movement with Mobilization Protest movements (MMM) while Group 2 received METs. The data was processed into SPSS and evaluated using the Independent Sample t test and Paired Sample t test. Results: The outcome assessment instruments, “goniometer for ROM” and “shoulder pain, and disability index,” revealed that “Motion by Mobility is more effective than Muscle Energy Technique in increasing ROM and operational condition” of the patient having frozen shoulder. Conclusions: There was a considerable improvement in pain and ROM from pre-treatment levels in both the study groups. Whereas “Movement with Mobilization is more effective than Muscle Energy Technique” in alleviating pain, enhancing range of motion, and enhancing functional capacity in “patients with shoulder pain.”


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DOI: 10.54393/pbmj.v5i5.474
Published: 2022-05-31

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Ghaffar Awan, N. ., Rehman, F. ur, Asma, ., Bilal, H., Azfar, H. ., Arif, R. ., & Muhammad Arslan, H. R. . (2022). Comparison of Effectiveness of Movement with Mobilization and Muscle Energy Technique in reducing Pain and improving Functional Status in patients with Frozen Shoulder: Technique Effectiveness in Patients with Frozen Shoulder. Pakistan BioMedical Journal, 5(5), 216–219.



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