Correlation Between Forward Head Posture and neck pain in IT Professionals by using Postural Screen Mobile App

Forward Head Posture and neck pain in IT Professionals


  • Iqra Tariq University Institute of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Hira Riaz University Institute of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Maryam Anwar
  • Ashfaq Ahmed University Institute of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan



Craniovertebral Angle, Head Posture, Neck Pain, Postural Screen, Mobile


Neck pain is a type of pain that starts inside the neck and can radiate down to one or both arms. Neck discomfort can be caused by a variety of disorders or illnesses affecting any of the neck structures, nerve fibers, bones, joints, connective or contractile tissue. Forward head position is described as the skull being bent forward over the atlas by more than one inch. Objective: To assess the correlation of neck pain with forward head posture in IT Professionals by using the postural screen mobile app (sit screen). Methods: It was a cross-sectional survey. The sample size was 150.  The study was conducted at TkXel Software Company and UMT IT department and UOL IT department in Lahore. Males of age 20-60 were included in the study. The tool used was the Posture Screen Mobile app iPhone 7plus and neck disability pain index questionnaire. Results: The cross-tabulation of NPAD SCORE and CV angle resulted in negative co-relation with r=-0.680 p<0.05 i.e., the smaller CV angle showed the worst FHP along with greater NPAD SCRORE showed the worst becomes neck pain. Cross-tabulation of working hours and CV angle result in negative co-relation with r= -0.450, p<0.05 i.e., worst FHP with working hours greater than 6 hours. Cross-tabulation of working hours and NPAD SCORE result in positive co-relation with r= 0.477, p<0.05 i.e., the greater the NPAD SCRORE the worst becomes neck pain with working hours greater than 6 hours. All calculations showed that FHP and neck pain are positively correlated with each other as working hours increased, with the result being statistically significant. Conclusions: Our findings have revealed that IT employees had a defective posture and improper posture was more severe while working more than 6 hours per/day. The ratio of moderate pain with FHP was found in the majority of IT professionals


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