Current clinical ethics of approaches and challenges to AIDS management


  • Unaiza Jawad Rashid Latif Medical College,Lahore,Pakistan
  • Sadia Chaudhary Rahbar Medical and Dental College, Lahore
  • Zainab Arif CMH Medical and Dental College,Lahore,Pakistan
  • Hina Jawaid University of Health Sciences Lahore,Pakistan.
  • Uzma Nazim Rahbar Medical and Dental College,Lahore,Pakistan.
  • Waqas Iqbal Sharif Medical and Dental College,Lahore.Pakistan.
  • Sharmeen Abbas Services Hospital Lahore, Pakistan



AIDS, Ethical approach, management challenges,


The purpose of the study is to find the ethical challenges to AIDS management in Pakistan. Such acquired immune deficiency syndrome has emerged as a devastating disease for many years. This study was based on a survey performed from April 2021 to July 2021. This survey was attempted by the doctors, medical staff who were dealing the patients with AIDS. It is also filled by the patients and their families to access the ethical approach and challenges relevant to doctors or medical staff at the clinical level.  The ethics of approaches and challenges to AIDS management was accessed through queries of the questionnaire. Overall results of the study indicated that we need a proper management system, train the medical staff to engage in AIDS patient's care about basic rules of ethics.


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DOI: 10.54393/pbmj.v5i1.216
Published: 2022-01-31

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Jawad, U., Chaudhary, S. ., Arif, Z. ., Jawaid, H. ., Nazim, U. ., Iqbal, W. ., & Abbas, S. . (2022). Current clinical ethics of approaches and challenges to AIDS management. Pakistan BioMedical Journal, 5(1), 168–172.



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